Jonathan on January 14th, 2009

The all electric vehicle 2e from Aptera Motors will go into production and is expected to be delivered by October 2009.

The three-wheeled vehicle Type 1, now coined as 2e, is a Carlsbad concept with investments from big names like Google and Idealab. The sleek electric vehicle is made from composite high strength materials with good aerodynamics. The e2 can travel 100 -120 miles in a single charge with a top speedometer reading of 85 to 90 miles per hour. Aptera boasts of the e2 passing the safety standards and crash testing with flying colors.

Aptera EV FrontAptera EV Back

Production of the vehicles will early January or a year few weeks delayed from the original plan of late December 2008. It is not yet clear if the first batch of e2 will go the test fleet or to the consumers. It is certain though the mass production will be this fall.

The suggestion of Aptera e2 Interiorhaving a test fleet came from automotive experts hired by Aptera Motors. This will be used to study in anticipation of the ease of use or other concerns that may be raised by end users.

The tag on each e2 may vary from $20K to mid $40K depending on the options one will avail. The company also introduces reservation schemes to measure what will the demand be for the e2 in this challenging economic difficulties.

Aptera Motors aims to produce around 10000 vehicles in 2010 and increase the volume of production to 100K units by 2015.

A four wheeled vehicle called Palomar is also on the drawing boards.

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