Chevrolet, a division of General Motors, has been manufacturing cars powered by biofuel for the last eight years. According to Beth Lowery, GM Vice President, Environment, Energy and Safety Policy, “at GM, we believe that the biofuel with the greatest potential to displace petroleum–based fuels in the U.S. is ethanol.” GM’s preferred form of ethanol is called E85, a mix of eighty-five percent ethanol to fifteen percent gas, and is presently produced from grain products grown in the US.

And whether one agrees with the way in which ethanol feedstocks are produced and the fact that ethanol powered vehicles still rely on fossil fuel gasoline in some way, Chevrolet presents a diverse selection of alternative fuel vehicles including the Avalanche, Impala, HHR, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe and Express.

For those that feel eco friendly vehicles compromise the rugged nature of a solid vehicle or that biogases lessen the power of the “he-man” truck, think again because even the big V8 engine in the Silverado is being offered in E85. In fact, it is believed that E85 offers more octane than traditional gas thereby increasing the horsepower to some extent in vehicles using the biofuel. The thought now is that E85 is in reality more powerful, contrary to the beliefs of the naysayers who are still caught in some time warp using any excuse to smash down technology.

In addition, Chevrolet seems to have added another model to the E85 group according to television commercials airing in Canada. The most recent addition, which will be made available to the public December 2008, is the sedan class 2009 Chevy Malibu E85 FlexFuel.

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4 Responses to “Big Bad Masculine Vehicles Manufactured by Chevrolet Powered on Ethanol”

  1. GM ‘s sudden stewardship of the environment is simply a way to continue to make gas guzzlers thanks to E85 an extremely inefficient fuel. The CAFE standards call for all car companies to achieve an average MPG for all vehicles. I believe the most recent number is 27 MPG. Well if you make the biggest money off of 10 miles per gallon SUV’s you would hate to say good bye to them wouldn’t you?
    The CAFE standards has a loophole, that being that an E85 vehicle operating on E85 miles per gallon are ONLY figured against the actual amount of gasoline in the blend (15%) if you divide 100% fuel by 15% gasoline you get the multiplier to the mpg (666) therefore a gas guzzling 10 MPG SUV is given credit for 66.6 MPG. If you sell one SUV like this you can have 5 vehicles only achieving 20 MPG and this gas guzzling SUV and you average more than 27 MPG overall while not one of their vehicles really met the standard.
    GM is not the only one taking advantage of this free ride Ford and Chrysler are too. The big three are heading down the toilet and this is just their hands clinging to the rim.

  2. Corn Holer, thanks so much for adding your input. I have to say your comment makes sense, the American car makers are having a hard time in this fight… :)

  3. interesting blog, it nice to know that car manufacturers nowadays gives their concern about nature, we all know that hydrogen cars are better solution to reduce oil, also there are sites that offers services in making this hydro cars.

  4. Thanks!

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