Doing not talking is important. It is not enough to say that we need to find better ways to power modern day cars. The best solution is to do something about the dilemma. And that is exactly what Bio-Beetle from Maui, Hawaii has done. They have taken a stand against traditional, dirty polluting cars and opened an eco car rental agency with vehicles powered only by biodiesel.

Unlike fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel, biodiesel used to run these cute little Beetle cars, comes from discarded cooking oils. Imagine fueling a vehicle with a restaurant’s old vegetable oil used to cook French fries. Another aspect of the Bio-Beetle is that it also uses earth friendly coolants, synthetic oil, and non-toxic cleaners. The company employees wear organic cotton uniforms and the company mission is “to be the greenest and best rental car company on the planet”.

The company goal sounds like a grandiose ideal but considering the fact that the owners personally funded the development and realization of these Bio-Beetles with their own monies, it is a testament to their dedication to finding alternative fuel solutions. As funds allow, they purchase more cars for development to add to their eco rental fleet. And believe it or not, there are places to refuel the cars other than the rental agency itself.

In addition to discarded cooking oil, biodiesel can also be made with inferior oils that do not meet food quality standards and mixtures can be blended from more than one plant. The most common plants used to create the oils are safflower, castor, palm, olive, peanut, soy bean and mustard.

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