Bioliq Biosyn FuelResearchers forecasts a good price of $3 per gallon or Euros 0.8 per liter for the biosynfuel that will be produced through the Bioliq biosyncrude gasification method that has a capacity of more than 1 Mt/a.

The estimate price has a 30% margin which will translate into a price between US$2.72 and $5.03 per gallon. The estimate price basing on a $100/ bbl of crude oil is $2.72/gallon before taxes.

Bioliq consists of three processes involving fast pyrolysis facility, a centralized gasification plant, and a fuel production factory.

Starting from a biomass, the raw material is pyrolyzed and converted into pyrolisis oil. This pyrolysis ou is processed with coke to create a raw biocrude which can be made into syngas or converted to other fuels components.

The core of the process involves a especially designed gasifier that operates on extreme pressure that helps in controlling the need and costs for syngas compression. This simplifies the process of syngas production since the process produces a raw material that is almost free of tar and CH4.

Feedstock flexibility is also improved with the design of the distributed FP. This will give way to large delivery areas and considerable decrease in the cost of transport.

Researchers though note that the complex technology may only be cost effective if done in large scale facilities. They also foresee the combination of the current synthetic fuels derived from natural gas and coal to be combined with the production of biosynfuel in very large facilities which will prove to be more economical.

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