Alog Tone on March 6th, 2011

Based on the European Commission’s report that was made public just last week, the various alternatives to fuel have increased its potentials to successfully replace the fuel made from fossil sources that are decreasing by the minute. This translates that transportation might rely on these fuel alternatives that could sustain us by year 2050. Moreover, this adds that by year 2050, we could be looking at transportations means that are free from oil use and CO2 emissions. This is because we need to reduce the CO2 emission’s effects on the environment and address the looming problems of energy supply.

Groups remain enthusiastic that the combined technology of biofuels and lithium-on batteries or fuel cells could replace the oil made from fossils. These two remain as our main options to alternative fuels. Other options include the use of LPG, biomethane, natural gas, and other synthetic fuels.

Later this year, the initiative on these alternative fuels will be released back-to-back with revised policies made by the Commission. The group aims to come up with long-term plans that would successfully meet the energy demands of the transport system with various fuel alternatives that can sustain us by year 2050.

The panel takes into consideration that different mode of transportation requires different types of alternative fuel in terms of amount and power. The alternative fuel’s compatibility with the current infrastructure is also taken into consideration. Based on the reports, the only way to lower or even emit the CO2 emissions caused by transportation is to use alternative fuel.

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