A recent study done by scientists in a university in Finland shows that it is possible to make butanol fit for use as biofuel and other chemicals from wood biomass using microbes. Butanol has been established as one of the better options for transport vehicle fuels. Butanol is not soluble in water and also has [...]

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Bio-based chemical developer Cobalt Technologies and specialty chemical expert Rhodia recently signed a memorandum of understanding to lay the grounds for their collaboration on putting up bio n-butanol refineries in different parts of Latin America. Under the agreement, the two companies will be working hand in hand to deploy the technology of Cobalt which helps [...]

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A recent analysis of Postia placenta’s genome, secretome and transcritome, may pave ways for better biofuel productions in the future. Postia placenta, also known as brown rot, can decompose plant, specifically wooden material rapidly. In the recent scientific study, the international group of scientists found a system of extracellular enzymes that occurs uniquely in the [...]

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Researchers forecasts a good price of $3 per gallon or Euros 0.8 per liter for the biosynfuel that will be produced through the Bioliq biosyncrude gasification method that has a capacity of more than 1 Mt/a. The estimate price has a 30% margin which will translate into a price between US$2.72 and $5.03 per gallon. [...]

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Novozymes and its Chinese partner COFCO signs an agreement with another Chinese energy and oil company Sinopec for the possible commercial-scale production of cellulosic bioethanol from corn stover. To date, China is the second-biggest corn producer globally, next to the US. The US Department of Agriculture projects a 16.5 million metric tons produce from China [...]

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