A recent study done by scientists in a university in Finland shows that it is possible to make butanol fit for use as biofuel and other chemicals from wood biomass using microbes. Butanol has been established as one of the better options for transport vehicle fuels. Butanol is not soluble in water and also has [...]

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Petrobras of Brazil will put in around $2.5 billion to increase the production of ethanol and biodiesel this year through 2015. The amount forms part of the $4.1 billion that is expected to be spent for their biofuels business which includes $1.3 billion for logistics for their ethanol production and around $300 million for research. [...]

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Jonathan on February 4th, 2009

Volkswagen will be rolling out Passat versions which are fuel efficient and with low emissions during the early part of 2009. Zooming out of the assembly line will be the new gen Passat BlueMotion, Passat TSI EcoFuel, and Passat Blue TDI. The three new vehicles will be under a new brand, the BlueMotion Technologies. The [...]

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Jonathan on October 7th, 2008

The race is on to find reliable and realistic foodstocks to produce biodiesel. In keeping with the rest of the world to voluntarily contribute to the advancement of alternative fuels, Bharat Petroleum Corp, Ltd, the state run oil refinery of India, has recently announced that it will commit nearly four hundred and eighty million dollars [...]

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Doing not talking is important. It is not enough to say that we need to find better ways to power modern day cars. The best solution is to do something about the dilemma. And that is exactly what Bio-Beetle from Maui, Hawaii has done. They have taken a stand against traditional, dirty polluting cars and [...]

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Jonathan on August 31st, 2008

Biodiesel is a substitute fuel comparable to usual or ‘fossil’ diesel can be shaped from direct vegetable oil, animal fats and waste cooking oil. The procedure used to exchange these oils to Biodiesel is known as transesterification. It is a non-petroleum diesel. The major feasible resource of suitable oil comes from oil crops like soybean; [...]

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