Electrical engineers from the University of California in San Diego is exerting efforts to build a forest made of nanowire trees which captures solar energy without tapping fossil fuels and harvest the sun’s energy to generate hydrogen fuel. The nanowires are made from materials like zinc oxide and silicon and offer a more affordable way [...]

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Fuel cells are different than batteries, because instead of storing energy they are used as electrochemical conversion devices. The chemicals used for conversion by fuel cells are hydrogen and oxygen which are then turned into water and in this process electricity is produced. This electrical energy is then used to power a car. As long [...]

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Jonathan on September 24th, 2008

I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails asking me about what kind of alt fuel the mini in our header image is packing…. Well, it’s a Hydrogen Mini using BMW’s CleanEnergy technology! I wouldn’t mind driving one of these…

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Jonathan on August 26th, 2008

Unlike many of the hybrid and green cars at present on the market, hydrogen cars offer the comfort of zero emanation technology, where the merely derivative from the cars is water vapor. Contemporary fossil-fuel flaming vehicles give out all sorts of pollutants such as, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrous oxide, and microscopic particulate material. [...]

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