Petrobras of Brazil will put in around $2.5 billion to increase the production of ethanol and biodiesel this year through 2015. The amount forms part of the $4.1 billion that is expected to be spent for their biofuels business which includes $1.3 billion for logistics for their ethanol production and around $300 million for research. [...]

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Alog Tone on March 6th, 2011

Based on the European Commission’s report that was made public just last week, the various alternatives to fuel have increased its potentials to successfully replace the fuel made from fossil sources that are decreasing by the minute. This translates that transportation might rely on these fuel alternatives that could sustain us by year 2050. Moreover, [...]

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A recent analysis of Postia placenta’s genome, secretome and transcritome, may pave ways for better biofuel productions in the future. Postia placenta, also known as brown rot, can decompose plant, specifically wooden material rapidly. In the recent scientific study, the international group of scientists found a system of extracellular enzymes that occurs uniquely in the [...]

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